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Fragrance Manufactures in India: Almost since a century !

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Perfumes have always been in the centre of lifestyle needs of people. Be it any occasion, any place or any special time, the fragrance that you wear always attracts people around you. Especially in India, the penchant for perfume has been an age long tradition. So long is the history of fragrance manufacturer in India. Gupta & Company Private Limited, known as GCPL, have been constantly producing quality fragrances since 1928. Their history makes them one of the oldest Indian fragrance manufacturers.

GCPL, over the time, has widened its canvas and included latest technologies at work. They have learnt the art of using quality materials and producing a number of products. They deal in fragrances, flavouring agents and aroma Chemicals. With almost a century of experience on the back, the company has evolved as the most trusted fragrance manufacturer brand in India.

GCPL is a complete one-spot solution for all those who wish to start their own perfume making business. What they provide you will allow you to make superb blends for yourself and your customers with the minimum of fuss, in record time and at very low cost. Thus, they are not only one of the key players among the fragrance manufacturers but also strengthen the newcomers with quality raw materials.

For new brands who wish to establish themselves in the perfume industry, it is essential to source raw materials with quality. Then only their products would be making it to the dressing room of people. While there are several other fragrance manufacturers in India, but the quality & trust that come with the business of GCPL, you will seldom find at any other place. That is why most of the newcomers trust this name for their raw materials they need in perfume making.

Fragrances, Flavouring Agents and Aroma Chemicals are the essential needs of perfume making. All these materials are provided with good quality by Gupta & Company. Therefore, anyone can start their own perfume making industry with the partnership of Gupta & Company! Already, they are working with some of the best names in perfume industry of India.

If you are also looking towards making your own perfume production company, GCPL is the manufacturer you must look at. Give your business a boost with your favourite blends that you can easily create with the raw materials they provide. Step ahead in the perfume business with one of the best manufacturers of fragrances on India.

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All You Need To Know About Flavours & Extracts

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While cooking, using a flavour or extract is easier and can even make the end product taste better with a uniform result than adding the actual ingredient itself. Using cherry flavour might be preferable than using chopped cherries in some breads, cakes or cookies. Here’s how you can add flavours and concentrates in your recipes to give a much-needed burst of taste!


An extract is a concentrated solution that has compounds and flavors similar to those found in the physical herb, spice or nut that is being extracted. They can be extremely concentrated and powerful, so be cautious with the amount you are adding!


A flavour is a ready-to-use, dilution (less strong) of a concentrated natural extract, blend of extracts or essential oils in a carrier liquid. At times, as in coconut flavouring, the actual material can also be present along with the extracted material. The base in which the flavour is diluted can be ethyl alcohol, glycerin, water, vegetable oil or even a combination of any. The dilution causes the natural flavours to be less concentrated than the pure extracts.


Both extracts and flavours become less powerful when used in high heat applications. Since extracts are based in alcohol, they can evaporate easily and cannot take heat, unlike flavour concentrates which are more stable when exposed to heat or prolonged cooking. The appearance of flavours can be cloudy and opaque so it is best to use extracts when you want to keep the clarity of the base and the final product intact such as- in clear beverages or dairy products.

Extracts and flavors can give a comparable strength of flavoring power if used according to the amounts listed for either ingredient that are called for in the recipe you are using. Make sure that you don’t use an extract when the recipe calls for a flavor and vice versa.


Almond Extract
A flavor that is sweet and has a nutty essence is how one can define almond extract. It is great for baking, especially in pastries like croissants, turnovers, and cookies. It comes in a water or dairy soluble water, alcohol and glycerin base.

Chocolate Extract
Ever wondered what enhances the taste in chocolate milkshakes, puddings, cheesecakes and whipped cream? Yes, its chocolate extract that does the trick! Just add 1 to 2 tablespoons to 2 cups whipped cream for a chocolaty dessert topping. This comes in a water or dairy soluble agave syrup, alcohol and water base.

Vanilla Extract
One of the most loved flavours in the world, vanilla extract adds a distinct yet subtle flavor to almost any recipe. It is made by steeping vanilla beans in alcohol and is widely used to flavor desserts, especially baked goods and ice cream.

If you are wondering from where can you buy flavours concentrates in India, then GCPL is the place to be. The leading flavour manufacturer in India, Gupta & Company provides flavouring agents for bakery and confectionary, snacks and savouries, dairy products, pharmaceuticals and beverages. They also provide quality fragrances and aromatic chemicals.

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Uncommon Ways of Using Perfumes

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The word ‘perfume’ comes from the Latin words “per” meaning “through”, “fumare” meaning “to smoke” and “fume” meaning “fluid containing agreeable essences of flowers, etc. We all know that the purpose of wearing perfume is to make one more appealing and attractive. At times, we keep buying a few bottles of perfume for every occasion and end up with many which are left unused and cluttered, leaving our cabinet crowded.

If you find yourself with leftover perfume or a bunch of those which you don’t wish to wear on your clothes because they fade out too early or aren’t strong enough, then look no further! Check out the other surprising ways you can use perfumes in-

Freshen Up Your Mattresses: Who would want to invest in a linen spray when you can have your own? Every time you change the bed sheets, make sure that you spray a few spritzes of fragrance. This way you can easily achieve a mildly scented bed linen and stay fresh, always. You can even spray some on your pillows.

Scent Your Room: There can’t be a tip simpler than this one. All you got to do is take a few spoonfuls of rice or a cup of uncooked rice and insert a vial of perfume in it. Stir this daily in order to reawaken the fragrance. This can also be placed in the bathroom for a light and mesmerizing fragrance.

Perfume Your Laundry: How about laundry which is clean, dry, fresh and smells of your favourite perfume? Exciting, isn’t it? While washing clothes just throw in a handkerchief sprayed with cologne or perfume, this way the laundry will come out gorgeously.

Scent Your Curtains: As easy as it sounds, just drizzle a few pumps of perfume on the curtains and experience a whiff of fresh and scented air every time the wind ruffles the fabric.

Spray On Your Lampshades: If your lampshades aren’t pristine white and made of fabric, then you can spray your leftover perfume on them. Every time the lamp shades heat up, the fragrance will dissipate however, it will not last longer than an evening.

Make A Diffuser: Turn an old fragrance into a scent diffuser by sticking regular wooden reeds in the bottle and make your room smell amazing!

So try these tips and make efficient use of your old perfumes. If you are looking for fragrance manufacturers who supply fragrances for perfumes, scents, cosmetics, detergents, air fresheners, shampoos, incense sticks and other similar products, then look no further because Gupta & Company (P) Ltd is the leading fragrance manufacturer in India. They offer unparalleled quality product at affordable prices.

Essential Oils & Perfumes

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flavours concentrates in IndiaHuman are naturally social beings and one always attempts to please the other using different methods. One such way is by the sense of smell. Enhancing our natural scent can be done by wearing perfumes for sure, but why use a synthetically manufactured scent when you can own a natural one?

You can utilize the natural aromatics of plant sources to produce natural fragrances, to use them as perfumes and additionally for using those essences for medicinal purposes.

What are perfume oils?

The differentiating character between essential oils and a regular one is then aroma. Indeed, this is one way how aroma therapists utilize the power of aroma for healing purposes. A perfume mainly consists of an amalgamation of essential oils that induce a pleasing sense of smell, aroma compounds and other solvents which make up for a perfect fragrance.

The history of using perfumes is not a novel one. It dates back to the times of the ancient Egyptians, who used essential oils and balms for calming effects and even as a daily affair. Today, the use of these fragrance oils have expanded to be used on other cosmetic products such as fragrant soaps or body-scenting baths that provide a natural way to gain cosmetic enhancements without suffering from adverse side effects.

So how are essential oils made?

1. The first step you need to take when making perfumes using essential oils is to decide which botanical source you are going to extract the oil from. Some of the best essential oils to extract natural fragrances from include rose, jasmine, patchouli, lavender, geranium, marigold, sandalwood, citronella, and cinnamon oils.
2. Next, you need to determine which plant parts offer the highest possible yield of fragrant oils. In this case, it is typically the flowering part, buds, fruits, leaves, or rind.
3. Once you have all your botanical materials, it is now time to the most important aspect of this entire process, which is the extraction of the oil. Make sure to properly consider the method you use to ensure that the qualities and fragrances of the oil are preserved and to avoid it from being too toxic to use for skin application.
4. In some cases, the essential oil is mixed with different solvents to dilute the perfume oil. Some of the most commonly used solvents are ethanol, or a combination of both ethanol and water.

Why should one opt for essential oils?

Despite the huge demand for chemically processed perfumery, one should always go for naturally derived perfumes as much as possible. The biggest benefit of using essential oils is the safety factor. We wouldn’t want to wear a perfume that causes skin irritation and other problems due to high amount of chemical content in them. What’s better? Perfumes made with essential oils linger for a longer time, from about 6 to 8 or even 24 hours.

Why pick chemically loaded perfumes when you can buy essential oils in Delhi itself? Gupta and Company is the leading manufacturers of flavour concentrates in India, aroma chemicals and fragrances. Flavour manufacturers like GCPL provide quality products that can be used in soaps, detergents, incense sticks, aroma therapy products, cosmetics skin and hair care.

Aromas and their effects on our body

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aromatic chemicals

aromatic chemicals


Right from the time of the ancient Egyptians; starting from the sensuous Cleopatra to the audacious Julius Caesar, all of them used perfumes, balms and oils. They recognized the power of aroma that these fragrances carried and how they affected the physiology and mood of a person.

Smelling a delightful aroma is a very pleasurable experience. But how do we react when we smell something foul? Doesn’t our mood automatically alter? A research work proves that a pleasing aroma emanates reactions ranging from happiness, stimulation, relaxation and sensuality. Read further to know what effects do different kinds of perfume aromas have on our mood and physiology.

Romantic Rose: Roses are a marker of love and romance. A rather feminine fragrance, the rose often has its affinity to the womb. With a beautiful floral scent, it helps bring in harmony and balance. The scent of rose goes straight to the heart and opens up a new energy in that area. Moreover, it’s known to relieve stress and seeks to calm irritability.

Intoxicating Jasmine: Described as heavenly, exotic, sensuous, narcotic and the “King of essences”, the aroma of jasmine is known to lift the spirits and relaxing the mind. It also breaks down emotional barriers and therefore, encouraging intimacy. Long considered to be an aphrodisiac, it furthers full sexual expression by clearing all problems at the mental level.

Zesty Lemon: This aroma promotes concentration and has clarifying properties. It provides added energy to the mind and body. Improving memory and fighting depression, this citrus fruit’s aroma helps in invigorating the mind and overcoming fatigue. It also eases out nervous tension.

Heavenly Sandalwood: According to mythology, Sandalwood originally grew only in the gardens of heaven. Sandalwood also has an age-old reputation as an aphrodisiac, and in fact, its fragrance is similar to the human pheromone, alpha androsterole. The balsamic fragrance helps reduce depression, promote sensitivity, wisdom, insight, harmony, peace, serenity and unity.

Stimulating Peppermint: A hybrid of water mint and spearmint, the peppermint plant is native to the Mediterranean but is now cultivated in other parts of the world as well. Peppermint is an energy booster; one could use it while deliberating! It promotes concentration and stimulates clear-thinking.

Lovely Lavender: The beautiful purple hued flowering shrub eases headaches and relieves stress. It also deals with alleviating nervous tension and insomnia. The medicinal properties of lavender are known to relieve anxiety to a certain extent. The calming properties help in controlling emotional stress.

Consider choosing the type of fragrance you would like to purchase next time while shopping, depending on your need or how you would like to change your mood.

Taking Care of your fragrances

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fragrancesThere’s nothing more fun than having a party with friends and looking attractive and exuberant on a summer filled night. Yes, with such vibrant vibes around, looking sassy and embellishing your body with fragrance becomes an imperative. Whether we talk about the night queen or the Takasago fragrance; all are bound to make an impact on a star lit night. Parties are never fun if you don’t possess your unique fragrance. Fragrances usually subdue over a period of time, which is why it becomes essential to take care of them. Here are a few tips that would help you keep your fragrances fresh and let you make the impact with your personality on every occasion you wish to attend.

Top perfumes trends for Summers

Looking for something special? Try out the neo-freshness that’s available in two variants. One variant contains basically citrus elements with grapefruit and is designed for men under the tag name of “Seven Wonders of Barbados”.
The other variant is for women and has sweeter citrus notes of mandarin within it. One may use it along with woody notes to achieve a more distinct aroma.
Another fragrance that’s in trend these days is a mixture of cold spices, pink berries and cardamom known by the identity of ‘the queen of spices’.
Fragrances of white flowers have also gained popularity and nowadays available in various solar and suave facets. Solar floral fragrances are elevated with jasmine and lush ylang ylang aromas. Men can combine solar orange flower with white flowers’ fragrance to achieve a stronger perfume.
Dry woods continue to be in trend and can be combined with floral iris notes to make the perfume more sensual. You may also try dry woods with fragrances of fruits such as apple, pineapple or coco to make the fragrance more fun and intense in its appeal.

Tips to keep your fragrance, fresh all day long

In order to make a perfume last longer, it’s essential that you spray it on the warmest parts of your body. These areas include the inside of your wrists, the crook of your elbows, the rear of your neck, areas behind the knees and regions inside the ankles. Pulse points are known to generate more heat which helps the fragrance to diffuse better throughout the body.
Never rub your wrists one against the other, since it’s likely to make the top notes disappear within a short period of time hence lessening the impact of your fragrance. The best way to make your perfume last really long is to perfume your accessories as well. (scarfs, jackets, bags, etc.)
How much does a perfume last if it’s kept on a bathroom shelf?
Even though perfumes don’t have any specific expiration dates mentioned on them, yet they aren’t made to last forever. One may use a fragrance maximum within a time frame of 2 years.
It’s best to store fragrances in a cool and dry place where sunlight doesn’t fall on them directly. Sunlight is known to lessen their intensity due to which it’s best to store them in a bedroom.

How to make perfumes acquire more longevity?

Humidity, heat and sunlight are known factors which make the perfumes die out faster. Storing them in closets and drawers is still a better option than displaying the same on shelves and counters. Never forget to tightly close the cap of your perfumes to preserve their fragrance.

So choose a fragrance that best suits your personality and follow these simple steps to maintain the fragrance of your perfumes for years!

Beyonce Perfumes And Colognes

Celebrities Who Have Their Own Fragrances

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It’s been a while since the well-renowned British actress Elizabeth Taylor known for her famous roles in movies like Cleopatra and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? launched her first signature fragrance in the year 1988. White Diamonds as it has been known as since its advent is still one of the best selling celebrity perfumes of all time. With others following the footsteps of the British actress, there are many celebrities in today’s world who have left a mark on the world of fragrance. Let’s find out who these celebrities are and what contribution they have made to the aromatic world.

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Growth Chart- Global Flavours and Fragrances Market

Growth Opportunities for the Global Flavours and Fragrances Market 2014-2019

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The growth of the global flavours and fragrances market is braced by the changing trends in a number of emerging markets like packaged food, cosmetics and beverages. Economic factors like increased spending capacity of consumers, emerging middle class population and an overall financial development augment these markets. This in turn aids the incessant growth of the F&F market at a global level.

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How to Make a Perfume Fragrance Last Longer

How to Make a Perfume Fragrance Last Longer

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Recent research highlights that one of the most pronounced senses in the human body is the sense of perceiving odour. In fact, there is a philosophy that puts forth that falling in love has more to do with body odour than compatibility. It is the body odour of an individual that attracts the other towards him or her. History also reinforces the same ideology in the guise of the love story of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony.

It is believed that this queen of Egypt wore such a mesmerising fragrance when meeting the ruler of the Middle East that he instantly was taken by charm and beauty. Well, whether you believe this historical anecdote or not; one cannot refute the definite fact that body odour matters. No wonder each one of us uses a perfume or a deodorant as part of the daily regime. However, very often towards the end of the day, one finds certain parts of the body devoid of that fragrance we so generously used in the morning.

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Perfume Manufacturing

What is the Process of Essential Oil Extraction and Perfume Manufacturing?

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Essential oils are extensively used in today’s times for aroma therapy, cosmetics, skin care, soaps, incense sticks, etc. Since the beginning of time, people have tried to enhance their body odour using different fragrances that will elevate their moods and spirits as well. This has led to a tremendous increase of the perfumes and essential oils industry. Especially with the fashion trends and the spa culture, these products are in constant demand all across the globe.

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