Fragrance Manufactures in India: Almost since a century !

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fragrance manufacturer in india

Perfumes have always been in the centre of lifestyle needs of people. Be it any occasion, any place or any special time, the fragrance that you wear always attracts people around you. Especially in India, the penchant for perfume has been an age long tradition. So long is the history of fragrance manufacturer in India. Gupta & Company Private Limited, known as GCPL, have been constantly producing quality fragrances since 1928. Their history makes them one of the oldest Indian fragrance manufacturers.

GCPL, over the time, has widened its canvas and included latest technologies at work. They have learnt the art of using quality materials and producing a number of products. They deal in fragrances, flavouring agents and aroma Chemicals. With almost a century of experience on the back, the company has evolved as the most trusted fragrance manufacturer brand in India.

GCPL is a complete one-spot solution for all those who wish to start their own perfume making business. What they provide you will allow you to make superb blends for yourself and your customers with the minimum of fuss, in record time and at very low cost. Thus, they are not only one of the key players among the fragrance manufacturers but also strengthen the newcomers with quality raw materials.

For new brands who wish to establish themselves in the perfume industry, it is essential to source raw materials with quality. Then only their products would be making it to the dressing room of people. While there are several other fragrance manufacturers in India, but the quality & trust that come with the business of GCPL, you will seldom find at any other place. That is why most of the newcomers trust this name for their raw materials they need in perfume making.

Fragrances, Flavouring Agents and Aroma Chemicals are the essential needs of perfume making. All these materials are provided with good quality by Gupta & Company. Therefore, anyone can start their own perfume making industry with the partnership of Gupta & Company! Already, they are working with some of the best names in perfume industry of India.

If you are also looking towards making your own perfume production company, GCPL is the manufacturer you must look at. Give your business a boost with your favourite blends that you can easily create with the raw materials they provide. Step ahead in the perfume business with one of the best manufacturers of fragrances on India.

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