How to Make a Perfume Fragrance Last Longer

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How to Make a Perfume Fragrance Last Longer

Recent research highlights that one of the most pronounced senses in the human body is the sense of perceiving odour. In fact, there is a philosophy that puts forth that falling in love has more to do with body odour than compatibility. It is the body odour of an individual that attracts the other towards him or her. History also reinforces the same ideology in the guise of the love story of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony.

It is believed that this queen of Egypt wore such a mesmerising fragrance when meeting the ruler of the Middle East that he instantly was taken by charm and beauty. Well, whether you believe this historical anecdote or not; one cannot refute the definite fact that body odour matters. No wonder each one of us uses a perfume or a deodorant as part of the daily regime. However, very often towards the end of the day, one finds certain parts of the body devoid of that fragrance we so generously used in the morning.

Here are certain ways that will facilitate the long-lasting effects of your favourite fragrance so that you continue to charm one and all through the day!

Fundamental Steps of Application

The first and foremost aspect is to choose the correct time of application. Most of us are under the misconception that perfume fragrance lasts longer when applied on clothes. However, this methodology can only lead to staining and damaging your attire. The fundamental activation factor is the body heat reaction. Therefore, when perfume is applied immediately after taking bath directly onto the body; it surely lasts longer.

If you are someone who is fascinated by the idea of your clothes smelling good then try hands at adding fragrant essential oils to water in the final rinsing of lingerie and also spray your favourite scent on padded clothes hangers in your closet.

Remember to apply perfume to the pulse points of your body for an enhanced effect. These points can be easily identified as one can sense the heart beat through the same. Some of the pulse points in the body include the end point of the throat, the area below the ear lobe and behind the knee, and the inner regions of the wrist and the elbow. Use perfumes in these sensitive areas from a distance of approximately 20 cm of your skin and avoid rubbing the perfume after application.

Catalytic Agents

As furnished earlier, heat plays an important role in perfume application. The tricky part is that although higher environmental temperatures tend to catalyse this chemical reaction but it also ends up facilitating a higher rate of diffusion. This implies lesser concentration of application but frequent follow-ups. Obviously, you will require adhering to the reverse norm during the winter months.

Apart from your skin, your hair could also assist in making you smell good all through the day. Experiment with perfume application to freshly shampooed tresses and enjoy the lingering effect! However, since perfumes are alcohol-based and can render a drying effect to your mane. It may be advisable to use the same minimally.

Another remedy for lingering fragrance is making a base of petroleum jelly on the pulse points and then topping it up with perfume. The petroleum jelly acts like a magnet and assists in holding onto the droplets of perfume.
No matter how much you fancy the idea of smelling good or mesmerising your loved one with your body scent; never forget that an overdose of the same could initiate the reversal as well. Over the top application of perfume can become overbearing and pungent. So, if charm is what you want to propagate then follow steps to make your perfume last longer rather than wasting your favourite perfume via extra application.

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