Incorporating the Trending Flavours and Fragrances for each Season

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Gone are the days when a general apple pie would be enough to bring a smile to people’s faces. Although still scrumptious, during the era of deconstructed banana caramel and cream desserts being a common sight, people are always looking for something more in their lives. Something that is edgier and unique. Different from what they have seen before.

However finding something new every day is quite a challenge. Savour this season with interesting flavours and fragrances that can easily be incorporated into your life with the following products-


Candles are the easiest way to experiment with new mixes and fragrances in your home. You can find a number of fragrances in candles that suit every need. Not only can you look for fruity or floral fragrances that you may be in love with but today there are mixes that will take you right back to a particular memory. Christmas inspired candles that have a distinct fragrance of cinnamon and warm butter to those that replicate the exact smell of beer and pizza for the fanatics, look up the market for some unique combinations.   

Food Preserves

If you are one of the many people that love the succulent taste of strawberries or mangoes but do not wish to consume the artificial or pumped up versions of fruit available during the other seasons, you can make some of your own preserves at home. This way you can control the sugar levels as well as enjoy the taste all year round.

Soaps and bathing products

Strawberry scrubs, chocolate flavoured creams and other cosmetic or bathing products often incorporate natural fragrances along with their base product to make it more appealing. These products are not only gentler on the skin but can also make the entire experience of using them all the more fun. Look for some interesting products available in abundance in the market.

Bakery products

Although sometimes high on calorie counts, once in a while it is okay to skip the tough regime and indulge in some fresh pastries or food items. Nothing can beat the taste of a fresh berries tart with some warm custard.

Agarbattis, Incense Sticks and Aromatic Additions

Look beyond the general sandalwood or jasmine fragrances and discover some exclusive fragrances such as orange blossom or salty sea breeze that can change the entire atmosphere of the room. These oils are not just aromatic and pleasant to smell but also possess many healing properties that can change your mood as well as keep you feeling happy.

Essential Oils

Look for some unique blends of body oils with fragrances that can heal as well as uplift your body, mind and soul. These oils can help you have a rejuvenating experience.

From seasonal flavours and fragrances to exciting and new blends, find some interesting fragrances to incorporate into your home in any form you find desirable. This will help you change up the general environment and add something fun into the lives of everyone, be it a dessert or an aromatic essential oil.


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