Making Your Perfume Last Longer

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To Make Perfume last longer

Of all the five senses, it has been known that smell is the most powerful one. Smells are perceived by the limbic system in your brain that is also responsible to develop emotions and moods. Hence, there is no denying when one says that emotions and aroma go hand in hand.

Modern science has made it possible for fragrance manufacture companies to produce perfumes with varied aromas. However, till date, the use of perfumes continues to be a matter of opulent royalty.

If used in the correct manner, your favorite fragrance can last you a lot longer.

• Applying Perfume before you Start Dressing :

Any fragrance is activated when it reacts with chemicals or heat. Hence, it is a lot more effective when it comes in direct contact with the human body than with the clothing. Furthermore, you are also preventing the risk of the perfume damaging or staining some fabrics. With the use of perfumes, many dyes are known to fade or bleed.

• Scenting your Wardrobe

Alcohol tends to evaporate a few minutes upon application. Instead of applying the fragrances directly to your fabrics, spray the perfume on the padded clothes hangers to safely scent your wardrobe. You may also choose to add a few drops of essential oils in water before you use it to rinse your lingerie. The water in the iron steam press can also be put to good use when pressing your handkerchiefs.

• Applying Perfume to your Pulse Points

These are the areas on your body where the heart rate can be easily sensed through the blood vessels that sit closest to your skin. You can find these at multiple places between your head and foot. The most common places to apply the perfume include your temple, just below the ear lobe, your wrist, the base of your throat, inside the elbow and even behind the knee. You can choose the right set of areas to evenly balance the fragrance. The ideal way to apply perfume at these spots is by dabbing it rather than spraying.

• Selecting Perfumes that have Stronger Base Notes

A note is a common term used by fragrance manufacture companies. Not unlike musicians, perfumers too use notes to compose the perfect scent that offers an all encompassing pleasing effect. Also, just like it is in the music world, aromas to come with some notes that are lilting and light and others that are relatively heavier and tend to resonate for a longer period of time. When formulating perfumes, the order in which these notes are released tend to be a critical consideration to make.

The first aroma that greets your nose is the head notes or the top notes. These tend to most often smell sweet, fruity or fresh. However, these are also the notes that tend to evaporate the first. This means that the impact of this particular fragrance can be rather fleeting. Most of them tend to disappear within the first ten minutes of application. Melon, berry, lemon, ocean air, the sea breeze and Apple are among the popular head notes used by perfumers today.

This is followed by the middle notes which are also known as the heart notes. Longer lasting and rich, these include fragrances of rosemary, nutmeg, and other pungent herbs or floral aromas. After about an hour, your perfume travels into the bottom or base note phase. These are the ones the last the longest and are considered to be the most dramatic of all. Lasting for up to four hours, these fragrances include the likes of pine, musk, cedar or vanilla.

Spend some time researching the different fragrances available and experiment with ones that you feel will smell good on you.

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