Perfumes that Best Suit your Personality

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Perfume According to personality

If you have been using perfumes for a while now, you will have noticed that there are certain types of fragrances that you seem to get naturally attracted towards. In addition to finding a scent that suits your body type, what truly highlights the fragrance is your personality. Your own personality has a lot to do with whether or not the perfume you are wearing suits you. Here are a few perfumes that best suit different personality types –

  • Floral Fragrances for the Confident and Romantic 

These tend to be the most popular perfume among women. If you like your floral fragrances, chances are that you are always the center of attention. Vivacious, playful and flirting; yet sweet and confident, people who love floral scents tend to be hopelessly romantic.

Bold fragrances such as that of orchids, jasmine, peonies and roses are the most favored by this personality type. The most wildly popular scents are the ones that blend with fruity flavors. Attention grabbing ones include the use of bold blooms with ripe berries, apricots or sugary lychee.

  • Fresh Fragrances for the Laid Back

 If your perfume personality is fresh, chances are you are constantly drawn to smells that are aqua, green or citrus. They all have one thing in common – each one of these scents exudes a feeling of “cool”.

Any individual with a fresh perfume personality tends to be rather laid back and low-key. At the same time, they are fun-loving and always ready to try new things. These scents are ideal for the sporty kinds that have a quirky sense of humor.

Consider fragrances that offer a zest of mandarin, grapefruit and juicy lemon. Blended with a base note of subtle spicy or woody flavors and you have found yourself the perfect combination.

  • Oriental Fragrances for the Femme Fatale

Few women are actually able to pull off an oriental fragrance. If you are looking for something rich and exotic, this is the scent for you. People who don such fragrances tend to be bold, in control and sophisticated. You are known for your mysterious nature and you don’t open up to people very quickly. You may even have a dare devil sitting inside of you. Furthermore, you are a passionate dreamer who lets these exotic smells take you to a distant land long forgotten.

Oriental perfumes tend to be made using warm, sensual and lavish notes. Combined with ancient spices such as nutmeg, clove and cinnamon, these perfumes are nothing less than exotic.

  • Woody Fragrances for Compassionate

These scents tend to be earthy, sensual and ideal for the modern bohemian chic. An individual that is appealing to these fragrances tends to be compassionate, affectionate and an amazing friend. However, they are often misunderstood as being the stubborn ones. An individual that prefers woody fragrances also tends to be wise and beyond his or her years.

By finding the right scents that best suits your personality you are able to find another route for expression. Donning these scents allows you to feel comfortable and realize who you really are from the within.

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