Taking Care of your fragrances

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fragrancesThere’s nothing more fun than having a party with friends and looking attractive and exuberant on a summer filled night. Yes, with such vibrant vibes around, looking sassy and embellishing your body with fragrance becomes an imperative. Whether we talk about the night queen or the Takasago fragrance; all are bound to make an impact on a star lit night. Parties are never fun if you don’t possess your unique fragrance. Fragrances usually subdue over a period of time, which is why it becomes essential to take care of them. Here are a few tips that would help you keep your fragrances fresh and let you make the impact with your personality on every occasion you wish to attend.

Top perfumes trends for Summers

Looking for something special? Try out the neo-freshness that’s available in two variants. One variant contains basically citrus elements with grapefruit and is designed for men under the tag name of “Seven Wonders of Barbados”.
The other variant is for women and has sweeter citrus notes of mandarin within it. One may use it along with woody notes to achieve a more distinct aroma.
Another fragrance that’s in trend these days is a mixture of cold spices, pink berries and cardamom known by the identity of ‘the queen of spices’.
Fragrances of white flowers have also gained popularity and nowadays available in various solar and suave facets. Solar floral fragrances are elevated with jasmine and lush ylang ylang aromas. Men can combine solar orange flower with white flowers’ fragrance to achieve a stronger perfume.
Dry woods continue to be in trend and can be combined with floral iris notes to make the perfume more sensual. You may also try dry woods with fragrances of fruits such as apple, pineapple or coco to make the fragrance more fun and intense in its appeal.

Tips to keep your fragrance, fresh all day long

In order to make a perfume last longer, it’s essential that you spray it on the warmest parts of your body. These areas include the inside of your wrists, the crook of your elbows, the rear of your neck, areas behind the knees and regions inside the ankles. Pulse points are known to generate more heat which helps the fragrance to diffuse better throughout the body.
Never rub your wrists one against the other, since it’s likely to make the top notes disappear within a short period of time hence lessening the impact of your fragrance. The best way to make your perfume last really long is to perfume your accessories as well. (scarfs, jackets, bags, etc.)
How much does a perfume last if it’s kept on a bathroom shelf?
Even though perfumes don’t have any specific expiration dates mentioned on them, yet they aren’t made to last forever. One may use a fragrance maximum within a time frame of 2 years.
It’s best to store fragrances in a cool and dry place where sunlight doesn’t fall on them directly. Sunlight is known to lessen their intensity due to which it’s best to store them in a bedroom.

How to make perfumes acquire more longevity?

Humidity, heat and sunlight are known factors which make the perfumes die out faster. Storing them in closets and drawers is still a better option than displaying the same on shelves and counters. Never forget to tightly close the cap of your perfumes to preserve their fragrance.

So choose a fragrance that best suits your personality and follow these simple steps to maintain the fragrance of your perfumes for years!

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