Uncommon Ways of Using Perfumes

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The word ‘perfume’ comes from the Latin words “per” meaning “through”, “fumare” meaning “to smoke” and “fume” meaning “fluid containing agreeable essences of flowers, etc. We all know that the purpose of wearing perfume is to make one more appealing and attractive. At times, we keep buying a few bottles of perfume for every occasion and end up with many which are left unused and cluttered, leaving our cabinet crowded.

If you find yourself with leftover perfume or a bunch of those which you don’t wish to wear on your clothes because they fade out too early or aren’t strong enough, then look no further! Check out the other surprising ways you can use perfumes in-

Freshen Up Your Mattresses: Who would want to invest in a linen spray when you can have your own? Every time you change the bed sheets, make sure that you spray a few spritzes of fragrance. This way you can easily achieve a mildly scented bed linen and stay fresh, always. You can even spray some on your pillows.

Scent Your Room: There can’t be a tip simpler than this one. All you got to do is take a few spoonfuls of rice or a cup of uncooked rice and insert a vial of perfume in it. Stir this daily in order to reawaken the fragrance. This can also be placed in the bathroom for a light and mesmerizing fragrance.

Perfume Your Laundry: How about laundry which is clean, dry, fresh and smells of your favourite perfume? Exciting, isn’t it? While washing clothes just throw in a handkerchief sprayed with cologne or perfume, this way the laundry will come out gorgeously.

Scent Your Curtains: As easy as it sounds, just drizzle a few pumps of perfume on the curtains and experience a whiff of fresh and scented air every time the wind ruffles the fabric.

Spray On Your Lampshades: If your lampshades aren’t pristine white and made of fabric, then you can spray your leftover perfume on them. Every time the lamp shades heat up, the fragrance will dissipate however, it will not last longer than an evening.

Make A Diffuser: Turn an old fragrance into a scent diffuser by sticking regular wooden reeds in the bottle and make your room smell amazing!

So try these tips and make efficient use of your old perfumes. If you are looking for fragrance manufacturers who supply fragrances for perfumes, scents, cosmetics, detergents, air fresheners, shampoos, incense sticks and other similar products, then look no further because Gupta & Company (P) Ltd is the leading fragrance manufacturer in India. They offer unparalleled quality product at affordable prices.

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